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Solving Cold Chain Problems with Kii Direct

Kii Direct is the world's first integrated cold chain marketplace & monitoring service geared towards solving a variety of problems plaguing the cold chain industry today, including (1) unorganized and fragmented cold storage and transportation provider markets, (2) inflexible cold chains (3) lack of end-to-end visibility and (4) product wastage because of inefficient and sub-optimal cold chain operations.

Organized Marketplace

Search & discover a variety of cold storage and transportation providers based on various criteria.


End-To-End Visibility

Internet of Things (IoT) based monitoring for cold storage and transportation providers. 


Reduce Spoilage

Real-time data auto-adjusts cold chain operations for re-routing, substituting providers + more.


An Organized Cold Chain Marketplace

The provider side of the market (i.e., cold storages, cold transportation etc.) is highly fragmented, with many small providers. It is also largely (>90% in India!) unorganized.

Find storage & transport providers

Cold Chain customers can search and discover a variety of cold storage and transportation providers (and detailed information about them) based on various criteria.

Let customers come to you

Cold Storage and Transportation providers can get additional business thru Kii Direct without additional marketing and sales budgets.

Know your provider

Visibility into provider information (facility locations, capacity, features etc.) for cold chain customers.

Optimize Capacity

Efficiently utilize capacity of both small and large providers to find the best price and details for your shipment.

For Cold Chain Providers

More business thru Kii Direct marketplace without additional sales and marketing budgets.
Improved visibility into operations and better transparency for customers, leading to better customer retention
Technology enablement done thru Kii Direct without the need for special IT skills or personnel

For Cold Chain Customers

End-to-End visibility into cold chain operations, with adaptive and predictive capabilities
SaaS model, one contract (with Kii Direct) and lack of need to do capital investments makes adoption easy
Easy to discover providers, create and manage cold chains with flexibility to swap providers as needed

End-to-End Visibility

Cold chain customers get the visibility you need of temperature, humidity, and other product parameters when stored and/or transported. As a provider, improve your customer satisfaction and retention by offering premium visibility at all times.

Complete sensing & monitoring

Kii Ready cold storage and transportation providers use the latest Internet of Things (IoT) based sensing and monitoring hardware and software.

Get status from anywhere

End-to-end visibility and a holistic digital Cold Chain Ledger to cold chain customers, complete with alerts, notifications, analytics and reports.

Multiple providers... same visibility

Use multiple Kii Ready providers and have the same visibility all the way through the shipment and storage - all from the same dashboard and tools.

Step by step monitoring

View product history and any temperature excursions across time as it progresses through the various cold chain storage and transports. 

Reduce Product Wastage

Product wastage affects a variety of sectors - including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and retail - due to improper storage, facilities, and visibility into operations. Kii Direct helps solve this problem.

Adapt in real-time

The real-time monitoring in Kii Direct adapts to changing conditions, allowing you to react and save products before they spoil.

Predict better performance

Kii direct provides re-routing, provider substitution, and more, while applying machine learning to your data in order to predict future issues.

Avoid weak links

Make sure all segments of the cold chain provide transparency and visibility, to keep the entire cold chain strong and reliable.

Monitor more than cold

Kii Direct can go beyond temperature and location sensing to include a variety of IoT sensors for a  holistic understanding of the product quality. 

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